Financial Regulation & Corporate Governance

Rigorous scholarship to inform the structure of corporate law & the regulation of payment systems & insurance

About the Research Program

ICLE’s Financial Regulation and Corporate Governance Program provides high-quality, measured scholarship to inform critical debates as governments around the world confront corporate and investment practices in the digital age and an evolving environment. Our work focuses on payment systems and credit, cryptocurrencies, insurance, shareholder rights, international regulation, and bankruptcy.


Ian Adams headshot

Ian Adams
Executive Director

Brian Albrecht headshot

Brian Albrecht
Chief Economist

Mikołaj Barczentewicz headshot

Mikołaj Barczentewicz
Senior Scholar

Eric Fruits headshot

Eric Fruits
Senior Scholar

R.J. Lehmann headshot

R.J. Lehmann
Editor-in-Chief and Senior Fellow

Geoffrey A. Manne headshot

Geoffrey A. Manne
President and Founder

Julian Morris headshot

Julian Morris
Senior Scholar

Ben Sperry headshot

Ben Sperry
Senior Scholar, Innovation Policy

Kristian Stout headshot

Kristian Stout
Director of Innovation Policy