Mar 24 2023
This is a past event

Exploring the Outer Boundaries of Antitrust: Democracy, Sustainability, & Industrial Policy

Mar 24, 2023   09:00am CET   Ronda de Toledo, 1, 28005 Madrid, Spain

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Agenda: Friday, March 24, 2023



Registration & Breakfast


Introduction by the Organizers

Lazar Radic, Senior Scholar for Competition Policy, International Center for Law & Economics
Antonio Robles, Director of European Documentation Center, Universidad Carlos III


Opening Keynote

María Pilar Canedo, Board member of the Spanish Comisión Nacional de Los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC)


Panel 1: Is Political Power an Antitrust Problem?

Filippo Lancieri, Postdoctoral Researcher, ETH Zurich
Geoffrey A. Manne, President & Founder, International Center for Law & Economics
Francisco Marcos, Professor of Law, IE Law School
Barak Orbach, Professor of Law, University of Arizona
Moderator: Jenine Hulsmann, Partner at Weil




Panel 2: Can & Should Policymakers use Competition Enforcement to Promote Sustainability Goals?

Maurits Dolmans, Partner, Cleary Gottlieb
Julian Morris, Senior Scholar, International Center for Law & Economics
Julian Nowag, Associate Professor of Law, Lund University
Cento Veljanovski, Founder & Managing Partner, Case Associates
Moderator: Ainhoa Veiga, Partner at Araoz & Rueda




Panel 3: Antitrust and Industrial Policy or Antitrust as Industrial Policy?

Frederic Jenny, Chairman, OECD Competition Committee
Wendy Ng, Associate Professor of Law, Melbourne Law School
Don Rosenberg, Resident Fellow, University of California San Diego
Angela Wigger, Associate Professor of International Relations, Radboud University
Moderator: Lazar Radic, Senior Scholar for Competition Policy, International Center for Law & Economics


Debate: Should Antitrust Pursue Broader Social Goals?

Giorgio Monti, Professor of Competition Law, Tilburg Law School
Nicolas Petit, Joint Chair in Competition Law at the Department of Law and at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute
Moderator: Thibault Schrepel, Associate Professor of Law, Vrije Universiteit


Closing Remarks

Geoffrey A. Manne, President & Founder, International Center for Law & Economics
Santiago Martinez Lage, President, Ayala de la Torre Abogados


Champagne Social

Suggested papers from the #ICLEMadrid conference

ICLE suggested Papers:

Antitrust Dystopia and Antitrust Nostalgia: Alarmist Theories of Harm in Digital Markets and Their Origins
Geoffrey A. Manne & Dirk Auer

The Growing Legacy of Intel
Dirk Auer & Lazar Radic

Should Antitrust Enforcement Account for Socially Desirable, but Otherwise Anticompetitive, Objectives?
Geoffrey A. Manne

Is Political Power an Antitrust Problem?

Antitrust as an Instrument of Democracy
Daniel A. Crane

The Political Economy of the Decline in Antitrust Enforcement in the United States
Filippo Lancieri, Eric A. Posner, & Luigi Zingales

The Consumer Welfare Controversy
Barak Orbach

Do Antitrust Disruptors Make Good Reformers?
Barak Orbach

Can and should policymakers use competition enforcement to promote sustainability goals?

Antitrust Policy as Applied to Private-sector Climate Cooperation
Maurits Dolmans

Competition Overdose: Exploring the limitations, searching for the treatment
Various Authors

ICLE Comments- Emission Trading State Aid
Julian Morris & Dirk Auer

Sustainability and Competition, OECD Competition Committee Discussion Paper
Julian Nowag

Antitrust and Sustainability: An Introduction to an Ongoing Debate
Julian Nowag

The Case Against Green Antitrust
Cento Veljanovski

Collusion as Environmental Protection—An Economic Assessment
Cento Veljanovski

Antitrust and Industrial Policy or antitrust as industrial policy?

Are Industrial Policy Instruments Effective?
Chiara Criscuolo, Nicolas Gonne, Kohei Kitazawa, Guy Lalanne (OECD)

Competition Policy Retrospective: The formation of the United Launch Alliance and SpaceX
William E. Kovacic

The New EU Industrial Policy and Deepening Structural Asymmetries: Smart Specialisation Not So Smart
Angela Wigger

Should antitrust pursue broader social goals?

Article 81 EC and Public Policy
Giorgio Monti

Socially Responsible Agencies
Jean Tirole

Labor Market Concentration and Competition Policy across the Atlantic
Various Authors


This event was co-organized with UC3M (Antonio Robles) and financed, in part, by the following plan: Plan Nacional de I+D del Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad (PID2020-114549RB-I00).