ICLE Comments to the FCC on Prevention and Elimination of Digital Discrimination

Don’t Try to Regulate Google Ads

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah is poised to introduce legislation that would forbid Google and other tech giants that build and operate digital advertising exchanges . . .

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Antitrust Has Forgotten its Coase

There is a raging debate within antitrust to determine how to best assess the conduct of digital platforms and tailor the enforcement of antitrust . . .


ICLE Brief for 9th Circuit in Epic Games v Apple

In this brief for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, ICLE and 26 distinguished scholars of law & economics argue that the district court in a suit brought by Epic Games rightly found that Apple’s procompetitive justifications outweigh any purported anticompetitive effects in the market for mobile-gaming transactions.

Amicus Brief