Todd Zywicki on the Legality of ESG

The Epoch Times – ICLE Academic Affiliate Todd Zywicki was quoted by The Epoch Times in a story about what the legal status of companies following the goals of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria You can read full piece here.

“The way ESG is being implemented is completely antidemocratic, which is to say that they are just flouting laws,” George Mason University law professor Todd Zywicki told The Epoch Times. “They’re flouting democratically elected laws and bringing things about that are often illegal.”

…“It’s been well known for decades that quotas are illegal,” Zywicki said. “But when you start looking at things like racial sensitivity training, they’re engaging pretty much in rampant stereotyping, negative stereotyping of certain groups, and they are engaging in rampant preferences for others. All of this runs pretty clearly up against existing civil rights laws.”

…“There was a shareholder action against Coca-Cola when they had their ‘act less white’ campaign,” Zywicki said. “Some shareholders filed a lawsuit and basically said when you do that you are risking litigation, you’re risking liability for this company. Just pretending like the laws don’t apply to this situation isn’t going to get you off the hook.”