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Geoffrey A. Manne is president and founder of the International Center for Law and Economics (ICLE), a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center based in Portland, Oregon. He is also a distinguished fellow at Northwestern University’s Center on Law, Business, and Economics. Previously he taught at Lewis & Clark Law School. Prior to teaching, Manne practiced antitrust law at Latham & Watkins, clerked for Hon. Morris S. Arnold on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and worked as a research assistant for Judge Richard Posner. He was also once (very briefly) employed by the FTC. Manne holds AB & JD degrees from the University of Chicago.

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Where’s the outrage?

I don’t have much to add to Larry’s post about Eliot Spitzer’s persecution (and non-prosecution) of AIG and Maurice Greenberg, or to Larry’s ongoing crusade against the criminalization of agency costs.  But I just can’t resist registering my outrage. How can this sort of thing not make your blood boil? Other than a few lonely voices clamoring in the wilderness of the blogosphere, where is the outcry?  I’m not suggesting that those who are enraged by politicized prosecutions in other spheres should take up this cause, but a little sensible appreciation among the rest of us for the costs here would be nice. And while I’m thinking of it, let me add to Larry and Tom K’s despair about the egregious prosecution of Jamie Olis.

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