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Tomorrow: AALS Antitrust and Economic Regulation and Law and Economics Joint Program

Tomorrow morning at 10:30 I’ll be on a panel at AALS discussing behavioral economics and antitrust law and policy.

The panel includes: James Cooper, Bruce Kobayashi, William Kovacic, Steve Salop, Maurice Stucke, Avishalom Tor and myself.  Its a really good group and I’m looking forward to the discussion.  Here are the session details:

The program will focus on the influence of Behavioral Economics on Antitrust Law and Policy.  Behavioral economics, which examines how individual and market behavior are affected by deviations from the rationality assumptions underlying conventional economics, has generated significant attention from both academics and policy makers. The program will feature presentations by leading scholars who have addressed how behavioral economics impacts antitrust law and policy.

In my presentation I’ll be discussing my work on the topic (co-authored with Judd Stone) and some extensions of that work.

See you there.

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