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The FTC and the Internet

I will be discussing the titular topic at a Federalist Society panel (sponsored by the NY City Lawyers Chapter) along with Richard Epstein (NYU Law) and Jonathan Baker (Chief Economist, FCC) Tuesday night at the Cornell Club.  Registration details are available at the link above.  Here is the event description:

The Federal Trade Commission is more active than ever in its assertion of authority in the virtual world. The FTC’s role is generally understood to include competition analysis, consumer protection, and policy advocacy. How are each of these functions best accomplished by the FTC in the virtual world? Are there special attributes of the internet and e-commerce that require the FTC to modify its traditional regulatory approach? Will the FTC’s planned “Do Not Track” policy be an overall good, or a market inhibiter? Our experts will examine these and other questions.

I’m very much looking forward to it.