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Review of Industrial Organization Special Merger Guidelines Issue

The August 2011 issue of Review of Industrial Organization is a special issue on the 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines edited by Roger Blair.

The issue is available here, and includes articles from:

  • Herbert Hovenkamp
  • Robert Willig
  • Wayne-Roy Gale, Robert C. Marshall, Leslie M. Marx and Jean-Francois Richard
  • Roger D. Blair and Jessica S. Haynes
  • John F. Lopatka
  • Keith N. Hylton
  • Louis Kaplow
  • Dennis Carlton and Mark Israel
  • Roger Blair and Christina DePasquale
  • Judd E. Stone and Joshua D. Wright
  • Michael A. Salinger

My own contribution, The Sound of One Hand Clapping: The 2010 Merger Guidelines and the Challenge of Judicial Adoption, focuses upon the asymmetric economic updating of the Guidelines on the “competitive effects” side of the ledger without corresponding updates with respect to efficiencies analysis.  We explore whether this asymmetric updating might risk the widespread judicial adoption the Guidelines have thus far enjoyed.


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