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Jeremy Kidd on Law & Economics in the Classroom

ICLE Academic Affiliate Jeremy Kidd, a professor at Drake Law School, recently joined the Talking Legal Ed podcast to discuss law & economics and how it is useful in the law-school classroom. Kidd identifies “the three things about economics that every legal educator should know”:

  1. Incentives matter;
  2. The optimum level of risk is not zero; and
  3. Competition is good.

He also discusses how these three ideas help professors teach and students understand the law. Kidd talks about his experience engaging students in a law & economics reading group, including how providing that kind of intellectual challenge can lift students out of the doldrums of memorizing the law and keep their minds engaged in true learning. Finally, he talks about bringing his own law & economics scholarship into the classroom, and the various ways to integrate current examples in lesson plans.

The full podcast is embedded below.