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How a Recent California Appellate Court Decision Will Chill Drug Development, Raise Pharmaceutical Costs

When we are sick or in pain, we need relief. We know available prescription drugs won’t always be perfect. They sometimes have side effects. But we are grateful for even imperfect relief as an alternative to perfect pain.

Pharmaceutical companies aim to identify good drugs and get them to market, while constantly returning to the lab to innovate and make them even better, working to get the next version closer to perfect and with fewer side effects. But, thanks to a recent decision by a California appellate court, the incentives to develop new drugs and innovate to find even better alternatives may be over. California may have permanently impeded all pharmaceutical innovation by holding that a drug company can be sued for bringing two safe drugs to market, but not discovering the better one first. If a new court decision holds, these companies can be punished unless they bring no drug until they find the perfect drug.

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