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Gus Hurwitz Discusses Judge Koh’s Qualcomm Decision on the Cyberlaw Podcast

Gus Hurwitz joins Cyberlaw Podcast host Stewart Baker as they discuss topics ranging from the pending “techocalypse” to the FTC v. Qualcomm decision. Gus reads the runes to see whether a 50-year Chicago winter for antitrust plaintiffs is finally thawing in Silicon Valley. Gus thinks the predictions of global antitrust warming are overhyped. But he recognizes we’re seeing an awful lot of robins on the lawn: The rise of Margrethe Vestager in the EU, the enthusiasm of state AGs for suing Big Tech, and the piling on of Dem presidential candidates and the House of Representatives. Judge Koh’s Qualcomm decision is another straw in the wind, triggering criticism from Gus (“an undue extension of Aspen Skiing”) and me (“the FTC needs a national security minder in privacy and competition law”). The full episode is embedded below.