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Assistant Teaching Professor, Brandmeyer Center for Applied Economics
University of Kansas

Levi A. Russell has over a decade of experience in teaching, writing, research, and consulting in economics. He currently teaches managerial economics at the University of Kansas School of Business. His research is primarily focused on the economics of regulation, risk, and the cooperative business form.


Agriculture & Biotech Antitrust


Effects of gene editing on ag-biotech antitrust

Commenting on Microsoft’s antitrust suit 18 years ago, Milton Friedman said the following:

Your industry, the computer industry, moves so much more rapidly than the legal process, that by the time this suit is over, who knows what the shape of the industry will be.

Though the legal process seems to be moving quickly in the cases of Dow/Dupont, ChemChina/Syngenta, and Bayer/Monsanto, seed technology is moving fast as well. With recent breakthroughs in gene editing, seed technology will be more dynamic, cheaper, and likely subject to far less regulation than the current transgenic technology.

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