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Economist Kevin Murphy to Charles River Associates

I am very pleased to report that Kevin Murphy – economist extraordinaire, recipient of the MacArthur Fellowship, Bates Clark Medal winner, and of course, fellow UCLA Bruin — has agreed to join Charles River Associates as a Senior Consultant beginning May 2013 when his contract with Navigant Economics expires.  As a fellow Senior Consultant at CRA, and a fan of Murphy’s academic and expert work, I’m very pleased that he will be joining the firm.

From the CRA press release:

Charles River Associates (NASDAQ: CRAI), a worldwide leader in providing economic, financial, and management consulting services, today announced that Kevin M. Murphy, the George J. Stigler Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Booth School of Business, University of Chicago, has entered into an agreement to become a senior consultant to CRA’s Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice. Professor Murphy is expected to begin working with CRA in May 2013.

“Kevin Murphy is widely regarded as one of the smartest economists in the world and we are honored and thrilled about his decision to become a senior consultant to Charles River Associates,” said CRA’s President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Maleh. “Professor Murphy has an outstanding reputation as an extremely effective expert in numerous antitrust, labor and other engagements. In his academic research, Professor Murphy has developed leading theories and analyses that explain how economic incentives influence social phenomena, such as addiction, and determine economic outcomes, including wage inequality, unemployment, and the economic value of health and medical research. Professor Murphy has a reputation for being exceptionally creative, asking the questions not being asked, and developing innovative and informative economic models. Simply put—he is an economist in a league of his own. We look forward to working with Professor Murphy and continuing CRA’s tradition of teaming our highly-talented consulting professionals with renowned academics and economists to best serve clients.”

Dr. Steven C. Salop, a Senior Consultant to CRA and Professor of Economics and Law at Georgetown University Law Center, said, “We are very excited to have Kevin Murphy joining CRA. Besides being one of the most creative economists of his generation, Kevin is both articulate and down to earth. We are looking forward to having him as a colleague and a leader.”

Congratulations to Dr. Murphy and Charles River Associates.

DISCLOSURE: As mentioned, I am a Senior Consultant to CRA.

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