“Can you have angst without a soul?” – Delaware Vice Chancellor Leo Strine

As promised, I am reporting back from Tulane’s Corporate Law Institute qua “Who’s Who in the M&A World” gathering.  Leo Strine did indeed query today: “can you have angst without a soul?”  (He asked in response to the statement that initial bidders fear deal-jumpers when waiting out a go shop period.)  Though the WSJ was the first to give you the Strine quote, allow me to give you a few more substantive details from Strine’s panel, which was a super one.  The panel was titled “The Challenges of Representing a Private Equity Target,” and the panel included moderators Jim Morphy and Eileen Nugent, and speakers Vice Chancellor Leo Strine, Creighton Condon, Jesse Finkelstein, Robert Kindler, Ted Mirvis, and David Sorkin.  (Morphy sat next to Kindler, who sat next to Mirvis, who sat next to Strine – it is unclear to me how *that* seating chart got put together….)

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