Lazar Radic on India’s Competition Law Consultation

ICLE Senior Scholar Lazar Radic was quoted by India’s The Week about calls to extend the nation’s consultation on changes to competition law. You can read the full piece here.

Dr. Lazar Radic, a Senior Scholar at the International Center for Law & Economics and an Adjunct Professor of Law at IE University, said, “India should explore strategies to attract players to the market before regulating them. Regulatory challenges posed by the Digital Markets Act (DMA) might deter gatekeepers from innovating, potentially leading to negative outcomes for users, similar to the delays experienced by Meta’s Thread launch and Bard’s introduction in Europe. These incidents underscore the broader impact on consumer choice and innovation.” He added, “The DMA is also criticized for its vague goals, lack of clear cost-benefit analysis procedures, and rigid structure without exemptions for consumer benefits and industry innovation. India should avoid hastily adopting experimental regulations and instead focus on understanding the objectives behind Europe’s DMA.”