ICLE Scholars on ‘Doomsday’ Mergers

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Conversable Economist – ICLE Scholars Brian Albrecht, Dirk Auer, Eric Fruits, and Geoffrey A. Manne were cited by the Conversable Economist blog in a post about ICLE’s white paper on “doomsday mergers.” You can read full piece here.

There are often substantial controversies over whether a merger should be allowed to happen, but then relatively little follow-up after the event. Of course, if a merger was blocked, then it’s hard to know whether it would have led to good or bad outcomes. But when a controversial merger is allowed, it’s fairly straightforward to see if the negative predictions actually happened.

Brian AlbrechtDirk AuerEric Fruits, and  Geoffrey A. Manne take on this task in “Doomsday Mergers: A Retrospective Study of False Alarms” (International Center for Law and Economics, March 22, 2023). Here’s their summary…