Geoffrey Manne on Lina Khan

The Morning Dispatch – ICLE President Geoffrey Manne was quoted by The Morning Dispatch in an article about reports that Lina Khan of Columbia Law School could be named by President Joe Biden to the Federal Trade Commission. You can read the full piece here.

“It’s not like [Khan] is going to be unilaterally making any kind of enforcement decisions,” said Geoffrey Manne, president and founder of the International Center for Law and Economics, in an interview with The Dispatch. “Anyone who was appointed into that position was going to vote the same way at the end of the day.”

He echoed Stapp’s theory that Biden may have chosen Khan and Wu for more political reasons. Their selection could “imply that the administration is serious about antitrust enforcement, serious about being aggressive against big tech companies,” he said. “But it could also just mean that the administration recognizes that there are a diversity of viewpoints in the party, and it’s important to keep everyone kind of happy, and you put people like Lina and Tim in positions that maybe aren’t decisive [to] make your constituency happy. And maybe you end up with a pretty moderate overall position.”