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Chief Economist

Brian Albrecht is chief economist of the International Center for Law & Economics (ICLE). He has published in both academic journals, such as Contemporary Economic Policy, Public Choice, and Journal of Macroeconomics, as well as popular media like the Boston Globe and Star Tribune. Brian also writes the Economic Forces newsletter for Substack.

Brian Albrecht on Diamond-Dybvig

The New York Times – ICLE Chief Economist Brian Albrecht was quoted in a story by The New York Times about the newly minted Nobel laureates Douglas Diamond and Philip Dybvig. You can read full story here.

Many of the reactions celebrated three winners’ contributions to research. One economist on Twitter, Brian Albrecht, wrote that Mr. Diamond and Mr. Dybvig’s model is talked about within the profession “like it’s an entity” and noted that they had already hit it big, given that they have their own Wikipedia page.