Keeping Data Flowing Is in India’s Interest

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When Can Waffle House Raise its Prices?

The dumbest economics discussion over the past few years — and that’s a high bar — has to go to “greedflation.” The White House tried to . . .

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A Capitalist Way to Fix Social Security

Democrats say Social Security is untouchable and have roped Republicans into saying the same. They also constantly lament the gap between returns to capital and . . .

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Live by Prop 103, Die by Prop 103

Wildfire has hit Assemblymember Damon Connolly’s (D-San Rafael) Northern California district particularly hard in recent years, including the devastating Glass and LNU Lightning Complex fires . . .

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Competition Is One Prompt Away

Counter-positioning is a business strategy in which a company positions itself in a way that its competitors are unwilling to replicate to avoid cannibalization. A well-known . . .

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