Thomas Hazlett on Peter Huber

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City Journal – ICLE Academic Affiliate Thomas Hazlett was quoted by City Journal in a story about the late Peter Huber. You can read full piece here.

“AT&T had hired enormous numbers of economists, lawyers, and consultants, and DOJ didn’t want someone who had worked for AT&T. They really were trying to find a unicorn, someone who knew all about telecom but had never done any consulting,” recalled Thomas Hazlett, a Clemson University economist specializing in telecom issues and a friend of Huber’s. “You can’t just have a technical person and you can’t just have a lawyer—you need someone who can handle law, economics, and technology. Well, God created Peter Huber.”

Huber’s report, written in less than a year, documented technological and market shifts that would revolutionize the industry in the years to come, and argued for relaxing some of the restrictions placed on the “Baby Bell” companies. “He put together the big picture, which is such an extraordinary feat,” Hazlett said. “It’s what became our understanding of the Internet.” Huber would cofound a boutique law firm that specialized in telecom issues.

…“Everybody’s in awe of Peter Huber,” said Hazlett. “If you knew him, you were in awe of him.”