Sam Bowman on the UK’s ‘super deduction’

iNews – ICLE Director of Competition Policy Sam Bowman was quoted by iNews in an article about changes to U.K. tax law that will allow companies to immediately expense capital expenditures. You can read the full piece here.

Sam Bowman, director of competition policy at ICLE and a senior fellow at the Adam Smith Institute, is one of a handful of people at centre-right think tanks who were early advocates for the idea. He said the move could also help to offset regional disparities.

“The current way we treat business investment means we’re not able to treat all investments as a cost, because we don’t treat all companies the same way. That favours companies that are not machinery-intensive, and it means there’s a regional bias.”

He said places like London which are home to mostly services-based companies benefit from the current system, while manufacturing operations in other parts of the country have been penalised.