Searle Center Preliminary Report on State Consumer Protection Acts

The Searle Center Civil Justice Institute has announced the release of its preliminary report on State Consumer Protection Acts: An Empirical Investigation of Private Litigation.   You can read the Executive Summary here.  As the Searle Center State Consumer Protection Acts Task Force Chair, I’ve been involved in the data collection, analysis, and drafting of this project over the last couple of years along with the rest of the Task Force  (the Searle Center’s Executive Director Henry Butler, Jason Johnston (Penn), Jeffrey Jarosh, and Samantha Zyontz) and really is the product of a team effort including the Task Force, Searle Center research assistants (Micah Hughes, Jonathan Hillel, Matthew Sibery, Hayley Smith, and Judd Stone) and Research Coordinator Elise Nelson.   I’m incredibly grateful to have worked with such a skilled group.  This preliminary report is the first research project released growing out of a larger research agenda on state consumer protection regulation.  Some exciting projects are to follow.

Read the full piece here.