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Geoffrey A. Manne is president and founder of the International Center for Law and Economics (ICLE), a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center based in Portland, Oregon. He is also a distinguished fellow at Northwestern University’s Center on Law, Business, and Economics. Previously he taught at Lewis & Clark Law School. Prior to teaching, Manne practiced antitrust law at Latham & Watkins, clerked for Hon. Morris S. Arnold on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals, and worked as a research assistant for Judge Richard Posner. He was also once (very briefly) employed by the FTC. Manne holds AB & JD degrees from the University of Chicago.


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Microsoft, the EU fine, and a browser ballot no one missed

If a tree fell in the forest, and no one noticed… the European Commission would impose a staggering fine — and then congratulate itself for protecting consumers from falling trees. That’s essentially what just happened: the Commission fined Microsoft $732 million for failing to show its “browser ballot” when users installed one of its Windows 7 updates.

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