Paul Rubin headshot

Emeritus Professor
Emory University

Professor Rubin’s main area of research is Law and Economics. He has written on many aspects of this subject. Recent papers have examined the effects of tort reform on death rates (tort reform leads to fewer accidental deaths) and the deterrent effect of capital punishment (it is a significant deterrent). He has also completed a survey article on the economics of the Bill of Rights. (These papers have been coauthored with colleagues at Emory.) A few years ago he completed a book on the evolution of economic and political behavior. He also write on policy issues, and has had several op-eds in the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers. Two favored topics are the regulation of pharmaceuticals and the economics of privacy and information.



Popular Media

Antitrust in Tech Industries

Two stories about Google indicate the dangers of antitrust in fast moving tech industries.  Microsoft is urging the EU antitrust authorities to sue Google.   (Microsoft was itself the victim of a massive antitrust action. I guess it is true that abusers are likely to have been themselves abused.)  At the same time Google is rolling out a new social tweak to its search function because it is losing business to Facebook.  Let’s hope Google doesn’t sue Facebook.  The Web was better when it was the Wild West.

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