R.J. Lehmann on insurance regulation in New England

Agency Checklists – ICLE Editor-in-Chief R.J. Lehmann’s ninth annual Insurance Regulation Report Card was the subject of a story in the industry newsletter Agency Checklists, which concentrates on insurance news in the region of New England. You can read the full story here.

With that goal in mind, each year for the past nine years, the R Street Institute’s Annual Insurance Regulation Report Card, has tried to take an objective look at how each state’s Department of Insurance fares with respect to overseeing the “business of insurance”. Since 2012, R.J. Lehmann Director, Finance, Insurance & Trade; Resident Senior Fellow has written the report published by R Street, the non-profit, non-partisan public policy research organization. This year, however, is the last year the Report will be published by Mr. Lehmann, after he became the Editor In Chief at International Center for Law & Economics.