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Senior Scholar

Mikołaj Barczentewicz joined ICLE as senior scholar in January 2022. He is a senior lecturer in law and the research director of the Law and Technology Hub at the University of Surrey and a fellow of the Stanford Law School and University of Vienna Transatlantic Technology Law Forum, a research associate of the University of Oxford Centre for Technology and Global Affairs, and a research associate of the University of Oxford Programme for the Foundations of Law and Constitutional Government.    

Mikolaj Barczentewicz on Transatlantic Data Flows

Search Engine Journal – ICLE Senior Scholar Mikolaj Barczentewicz was quoted by Search Engine Journal Examiner in a story about the White House executive order implementing the new U.S.-EU Data-Privacy Framework. You can read full story here.

Miko?aj Barczentewicz, a Senior Scholar of the International Center for ?aw & Economics (ICLE), highlights the implications of delaying the agreement any further:

“It is urgent that agreement on an effective Privacy Shield be reached expeditiously, as EU citizens already face the potential to lose access to services like Google Analytics and Facebook, not to mention the potential disruption to financial services like insurance and payments networks.

What will be crucial is that the U.S. proposal addresses the two aspects the EU expects to be covered: redress for EU citizens and assurances that U.S. data-surveillance practices are ‘necessary and proportionate.’ We can hope that the EU courts will be reasonable, but litigation is all-but-certain.”