Michael Sykuta on Recreational Marijuana in Missouri

KOMU 8 – ICLE Academic Affiliate Michael Sykuta was quoted by KOMU 8 in a story about a ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in the State of Missouri. You can read full piece here.

“By restricting through the licensing process, we won’t actually have the competitive market the petition refers to in a few places,” Michael Sykuta, who has a PhD in economics, said.

Sykuta said Amendment 3 could have benefits for those who are currently buying illicit marijuana under the table.

“By having a legalized market, you reduce the worry about getting caught, you reduce the premiums that get charged for that,” Sykuta said. “You have the ability to enforce quality standards, you have the ability to take the seller to court, for instance, if they are not providing the product they are supposed to be providing.”