Kristian Stout on Elon Musk’s Plans for Twitter

TechTarget – ICLE Director of Innovation Policy Kristian Stout was quoted by TechTarget in a story about what Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter mean for the debate over platform regulation and content moderation. You can read full piece here.

However, Musk’s takeover of Twitter likely won’t serve as the catalyst for actual Section 230 reform, said Kristian Stout, director of innovation policy at the International Center for Law and Economics.

Section 230 “has on the whole provided the legal framework that is necessary for user-generated content to exist,” Stout said.

…Platforms interested in better content moderation need to figure out ways to discourage spam accounts and user accounts that remain anonymous to the platform operators, which Stout argues would make those users accountable for the content they share on the platform.

“Paying a little bit, even $1, to get on these platforms I believe will have an interesting and positive effect for the ecosystem of discussion on its own,” Stout said.