John Lopatka on the Epic’s Win Against Google

Agence France Presse – ICLE Academic Affiliate John Lopatka was quoted by Agence France Presse in a story about Epic’s win in its private antitrust case against Google. You can read full piece here.

John Lopatka, from Penn State University’ law school, said it was predictable that juries side with plaintiffs in monopoly cases “where the defendant will be painted as a greedy behemoth.”

Apple’s case, decided by a judge, avoided that fate — but not so for Google.

Now two questions remain: what will happen on Google’s appeal, and how will the judge order Google to fulfill the jury’s decision?

This litigation “has some distance to go before we know the final resolution,” warned Lopatka.

The appeals court that will likely hear the Google case is the same one that largely dismissed Epic’s appeal against Apple.

However, “appellate courts do not set aside jury verdicts and remedial orders lightly,” said Lopatka.