ICLE Statement on FCC’s Net Neutrality Vote

PORTLAND, Ore. (Oct. 19, 2023) – The International Center for Law & Economics (ICLE) offers the following statement from ICLE Director of Innovation Policy Kristian Stout in response to today’s vote by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to initiate a rulemaking proceeding reinstating Title II regulations on broadband providers:

This attempt by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reintroduce Title II regulations (often referred to as “net neutrality”) stands on even shakier ground now than it did in 2015. The wisdom behind the commission’s 2018 Restoring Internet Freedom Order is more evident with each passing year, as the broadband market continues to demonstrate no need for utility-style regulations.

The justifications the FCC has put forward for imposing Title II obligations on broadband providers not only lack merit, but emphasize the likely legal challenges this order will face. The commission’s rulemaking present a “major questions doctrine” issue that will leave the FCC in an uphill battle before the U.S. Supreme Court in the face of inevitable legal challenges.

After considering the record in the pending proceeding, one hopes the commission will realize that Title II is simply a mistake for the broadband industry, and that it will abandon this ill-fated effort.

To schedule an interview with Kristian about the FCC’s planned regulations, contact ICLE Media and Communications Manager Elizabeth Lincicome at [email protected] or (919) 744-8087.