ICLE Senior Competition Scholar (US)


The International Center for Law and Economics (ICLE), a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank and research center based in Portland, OR, is looking for a full-time senior scholar to perform research, writing, and public outreach on a broad range of policy issues, focusing primarily on competition and antitrust-related issues. 

The ideal candidate will have experience thinking and writing in the law & economics tradition of Armen Alchian, Harold Demsetz, Ronald Coase, Henry Manne, and James Buchanan. Law degree or graduate degree in economics required; previous experience in policy or academic position preferred.

Highly competitive salary, excellent benefits, and a flexible schedule (including remote work). Work location is also flexible, although Washington, DC, or Portland, OR, is preferred. Some travel and public speaking are required.


ICLE scholars analyze issues ranging from competition policy and consumer protection, to intellectual property and licensing, trade, technology policy, data security and privacy, financial regulation, telecommunications, and platform regulation, as well as emerging legal and policy issues related to the sharing economy, the future of work, and the Internet of Things. This role would focus primarily on competition policy, antitrust and related issues.

Increasingly, our work includes a focus on competition policy outside the U.S.: Among other things, we engage in research and analysis of competition, platform, and data regulation in the EU and UK, evolving competition policies in Asia, and in global debates about the effect of specific regulatory regimes on innovation and economic growth. Samples of our work can be found here.

Working collaboratively with the ICLE team and its network of affiliated academics, the senior scholar will produce high-quality work in a range of forms including academic research suitable for publication in respected journals, regulatory comments, amicus briefs, policy studies, op-eds, blog posts, and analyses targeted for general-interest audiences.


  • Managing project(s) as agreed with ICLE’s Director of Competition Policy (described below);
  • Organizing and managing academic roundtables for relevant projects;
  • Writing research papers, briefing papers, and blog posts (and, optionally, academic research for publication in peer-reviewed journals);
  • Identifying opportunities for regulatory and legislative comments and amicus briefs and drafting / managing ICLE’s submissions;
  • Managing and commissioning research papers, briefing papers, and blog posts by external authors;

In addition to these responsibilities, the Competition Scholar will be expected to develop new ideas for projects, work with fellow ICLE staff and affiliates on an ad hoc basis, and represent ICLE externally where required. 

Current Projects:

The Senior Fellow will be responsible for developing, overseeing, and carrying out work around a series of projects, working alongside ICLE colleagues. These may include:

  1. 21st Century Antitrust: On the ongoing antitrust debates in the United States, Europe and worldwide, defending the law & economics focus of the current US regime and proposing a reform agenda that preserves what makes US competition law work well.
  2. The law and economics of digital platforms: Towards a better understanding of digital platforms by studying their business models, strategies, and behavior from a point of view that sees these as often being value-creating instead of necessarily rent-seeking.
  3. Antitrust, trade, and industrial policy: Bringing together scholars from different fields to understand and assess the intersection of competition policy, trade, and industrial policy–and in particular, the growing inclination to use competition policy as a tool of industrial policy. This project is intended to kickstart a body of scholarship around these areas.

To Apply:

Please fill out the application request form here. Our team will contact you shortly.