ICLE on Kristen Osenga

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University of Richmond School of Law – Professor Kristen Osenga’s appointment as an ICLE academic affiliate was noted in a recent bulletin from the University of Richmond School of Law. You can read full piece here.

Professor Kristen Osenga received the 2023 Law Distinguished Scholarship Award. A member of the law faculty for seventeen years, Professor Osenga currently holds the title of Austin E. Owen Research Scholar, and in 2022 became the law school’s Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. An expert in intellectual property law and information law, her work has appeared in some of the nation’s top legal and specialty journals, including the American University Law ReviewGeorge Mason Law Review, and George Washington Law Review. Most recently, Professor Osenga was named both an Academic Affiliate at the International Center for Law & Economics and a Senior Fellow for Innovation Policy at the Center for Intellectual Property & Innovation Policy (C-IP2) at George Mason Law