Gus Hurwitz on the DOJ’s Apple Antitrust Case

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ICLE Director of Law & Economics Programs Gus Hurwitz was quoted by the New York Times in a story about the U.S. Justice Department’s antitrust case against Apple. You can read the full thing here.

And federal prosecutors are explicitly connecting the Apple lawsuit to that earlier fight. “They’re really presenting this case as a successor to that: Microsoft 2.0,” said Gus Hurwitz, a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.

Others say the Microsoft case’s legacy is less clear. Hurwitz told DealBook that the reality was more complicated. Netscape failed in part because a botched upgrade turned off users, while Microsoft missed out on the dawn of internet 2.0 services because of bad strategic decisions.

“In terms of actual industrial changes, I think the case yielded very little,” Hurwitz said.

…“That might open up opportunities for competitors,” Hurwitz said. But he added, “That’s not necessarily the best way of facilitating competition in the market.”