Gus Hurwitz on FCC media ownership rules

Law360 – ICLE Director of Law & Economics Programs Gus Hurwitz was quoted by Law360 in an article about a case before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the Federal Communications Commission’s decision to loosen media ownership rules. You can read the full piece here.

Gus Hurwitz, a program director with the International Center for Law & Economics, said that standard Chevron deference — which instructs courts to defer to agencies’ interpretations of ambiguous statutes — means the FCC’s decisions might stand without additional consideration of minority ownership.

“It’s pretty hard for me to imagine the FCC not winning this case based on the questioning and the skepticism across the board from several justices,” Hurwitz said. “The Third Circuit’s position is really pretty untenable, imposing obligations on the FCC that go beyond the requirements of administrative law.”