George Mocsary on ‘Ghost Guns’

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Cowboy State Daily – ICLE Academic Affiliate George Mocsary was quoted by Cowboy State Daily in a story about a U.S. Supreme Court’s order allowing the Biden administration’s regulation of so-called “ghost guns” to remain in force while legal challenges play out. You can read full piece here.

The term “ghost guns” is “kind of silly name. It tends to illicit an emotional reaction rather than an intellectual one,” University of Wyoming law professor George Mocsary, director of UW’s Firearms Research Center.

The Biden administration and others have made “ghost guns” out to be a serious problem because they are supposedly fueling a wave of armed crime with untraceable weapons.

That’s simply not the case, Mocsary said.

“Criminals are not making their own firearms. The equipment to make your own firearm at home isn’t just a small piece of equipment,” he said. “The entire ‘ghost gun’ regulation is just a lot of noise to get attention. The number of those firearms used in crime is miniscule compared to the number of regular firearms used in crimes.”