George Mocsary on Firearms Research

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The Powell Tribune – ICLE Academic Affiliate George Mocsary was quoted by The Powell Tribune in a story about the University of Wyoming’s new firearms research center, of which he is co-founder. You can read full piece here.

For center co-founder and director George Mocsary, whose parents escaped communism in Eastern Europe, it’s all about freedom.

“My father was a political prisoner for 16 years for helping student leaders speak and for helping them escape from behind the Iron Curtain,” Mocsary said.

His father spent six of those years imprisoned in solitary confinement. His mother escaped from communist Hungary on Christmas Eve, making a run for it in the middle of the night through a minefield. They ended up in New York, where Mocsary was born. He has championed freedom for most of his life.

“Tyranny is a lot harder to perpetrate against an armed population,” he said in a Tuesday interview.

Yet, Mocsary didn’t set out to be a legal scholar. First he earned a degree in engineering; then an MBA. The juris doctorate didn’t come until later in his career, but it’s in the legal field that he’s become a nationally recognized expert. He’s now a UW law professor and the co-founder of the university’s new Firearms Research Center.

Mocsary’s work has been cited by Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, the Illinois Supreme Court, and other federal courts. He is frequently quoted about firearms law in newspapers and periodicals.