Geoff Manne on the Google Search Antitrust Case

Law360 – ICLE President Geoffrey Manne quoted in a Law360 story about the U.S. Justice Department’s pending antitrust case targeting Google’s search operations. You can read full piece here.

Google is not without its backers, including the International Center for Law and Economics, or ICLE, a right-leaning think tank that has railed against DOJ and Federal Trade Commission efforts to fundamentally reshape antitrust enforcement including through pushing back against the power of Big Tech.

ICLE President and founder Geoffrey A. Manne told Law360 that Judge Mehta “showed a lot of skepticism” during the April arguments over summary judgment. “They have a bit of an uphill battle,” he said of the enforcers.

…”The Microsoft case certainly looms large,” said Manne of the ICLE. “It’s going to be the main precedent.”