Geoff Manne on the Apple-Epic decision

The Guardian – ICLE President Geoffrey Manne was quoted by The Guardian in a story about a federal district judge’s decision in private antitrust litigation between Apple and Epic Games. You can read the full piece here.

Geoffrey Manne, president of the US-based International Center for Law and Economics, an academic research body, said the ruling was not a resounding victory for Epic given that Apple had won on nine out of 10 counts, but it paved the way for further legal problems for the iPhone maker such as class action lawsuits. “The language in the ruling is not good for Apple. There are a lot of findings in this case that are going to open the door to further litigation.”

Manne added that the ruling could have been much worse for Apple. It left untouched the 30% cut and did not require Apple to allow alternative payment methods in its App Store.