Dec 13 2012
This is a past event

CopyRIGHT: Can Free Marketeers Agree On Copyright Reform?

Dec 13, 2012   12:00am ET   Competitive Enterprise Institute

Join TechFreedom , the International Center for Law & Economics , and the Competitive Enterprise Institute on December 13 at 3pm for “CopyRIGHT: Can Free Marketeers Agree On Copyright Reform?”

A panel of free marketeers with diverse views on copyright will explore the debate among conservatives and libertarians about the purpose of copyright, how it interacts with other rights, and a range of other questions. How is copyright like real property, and how do they differ? Will technological change force copyright to change, too? We will address these questions and discuss areas of consensus and disagreement regarding how and whether the Copyright Act should be amended to address challenges involving orphan works, fair use, piracy, intermediary liability, free speech and rogue foreign websites — among others.