Dec 4 2019
Geoffrey A. Manne
Thibault Schrepel
Samuel Bowman
Joshua Wright

Administrative Law Antitrust Antitrust Populism

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Dynamic Competition and Online Platforms: Evaluating Recent Government Reports

Dec 4, 2019   12:30pm EST   Hotel Plaza Athénée
Paris, France

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Over the past few years, numerous scholars, journalists, and others have argued that online platforms such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook are behaving anti-competitively. In response, competition authorities in the EU, UK, and Australia have issued reports on these platforms and Canada has introduced a Digital Charter. In addition, competition authorities in the EU and Germany have already brought antitrust actions against several platforms, and US antitrust authorities are investigating several of the larger platform companies.

We believe it is important to discuss the merits and drawbacks of these actions and reports — and to examine the fundamental tension that generally exists in the law between liability for harm and innovation. To that end, we are inviting some of the leading experts on the law and economics of competition policy.

Reports that will be covered:

ACCC, Digital Platforms Inquiry

European Commission, Competition Policy for the Digital Era

Unlocking digital competition Report of the Digital Competition Expert Panel

Canada’s Digital Charter in Action: A Plan by Canadians, for Canadians


This event is co-organized by:

The International Center for Law & Economics and Utrecht University School of Law