Eric Fruits on the Right to Repair

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ICLE Senior Scholar Eric Fruits was cited in a blog post by the Competitive Enterprise Institute on the so-called “right to repair.” You can read the full piece here.

Lawmakers should weigh this nominal benefit with the negative consequences that are likely to result from right to repair laws. Such proposals could fuel a black market for spare parts that put consumers at higher risk of theft, according to Juan Londoño, senior policy analyst at the Taxpayers Protection Alliance. Right to repair laws likely violate federal copyright law, could harm the rights of digital creators, and open the floodgates to piracy, according to Devlin Hartline, legal fellow for the Hudson Institute. Consumer data is also at risk. “Many brands cultivate trust by keeping customer data safe and away from prying eyes,” according to Dr. Eric Fruits, senior scholar at International Center for Law & Economics.