Vincenzo Denicolò

Professor of Economics
University of Bologna

Vincenzo Denicolò is a Professor of Economics at the University of Bologna, and a Research Fellow at CEPR. He works mainly in the field of industrial organisation and in particular on the economics of innovation and competition policy. However, he also works on endogenous growth theory and maintains an interest in the theory of social choice, a field in which he published extensively in the past.

He has published more than sixty articles in refereed journals and has served in various administrative and editorial roles. Currently he is a co-editor of the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, a member of the Academic Panel of the Competition and Market Authority (UK), and a member of the Economic Advisory Board for Competition Policy at the European Commission.
Recent publications include “Exclusive Contracts and Market Dominance,” American Economic Review, 2015 and “Competition with Exclusive Contracts and Market-Share Discounts,” American Economic Review, 2013 (both with G. Calzolari).