George Robert Barker

Director, Centre for Law and Economics
Australian National University College of Law

George is Director of the Centre for Law and Economics at the Australian National University, and President of the Australian Law and Economics Association. He was awarded the Olin Fellowship in Law and Economics at Cornell University in 2000, was Visiting Fellow at Oxford University Law School 2008, and is currently a visiting Fellow at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law London and Centre for Law and Economics, University College London. He was elected a Fellow of the Law and Economics Association of NZ 2009. He gained a DPhil in Economics from Oxford University 1992, and holds both a Bachelor of Laws and Master of Economics He has authored books, articles and given expert testimony on a wide range of matters involving the economic analysis of law, from the Effects of China joining the WTO (Cambridge University Press 2003), through competition law, intellectual property (Patent, Trade Mark & Copyright), tax law, public law and finance, financial and insurance market reform, the economics and regulation of network industries (including energy, water and communications), pharmaceutical, film, music, media and cultural industries, the criminal justice system and social policy (including education, health, welfare). He is the editor of Asia Pacific Law and Economics Review (ANU Electronic Press), and on the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Law and Economics.   Dr Barker has testified in the Asia Pacific Region before Australian, US, Canadian, Hong Kong, Korean, Vietnamese, and New Zealand ministers, courts and regulatory agencies on market design, regulatory policy, competition policy and intellectual property.  Dr Barker was a member of the Governing Board of Wolfson College, Oxford University from 1990 – 1992,  and co-founder and board member of LECG Asia-Pacific Ltd, Celtic Pacific Ltd, and Upstart Investments Ltd, KEA Global and past Chairman of KEA Australia.