Avishalom Tor

Avishalom Tor is Professor of Law and Director of the Research Program on Law and Market Behavior at the University of Notre Dame Law School. Professor Tor’s behavioral-legal research employs theoretical, empirical, and experimental methods in a broad range of studies that revolve around the three major themes of competition and cooperation among individuals and firms; behavioral policy-making; and the methodology of behavioral law and economics.

After receiving his doctorate from Harvard Law School in 2003, Tor was a visiting research professor at George Mason University School of Law (2003) and an adviser and consultant to Commissioner Harbour at the Federal Trade Commission on various matters of antitrust law and economics (2003-2006). Before visiting NDLS in 2010 and joining the faculty in 2011, Tor was a senior lecturer and co-director of the Forum on Law and Markets at the University of Haifa Faculty of Law (2004-2010) and a visiting professor at Fordham Law School (2011).