Adam Mossoff on China and PTAB

Breitbart – ICLE Academic Affiliate Adam Mossoff was quoted by Breitbart in a story about U.S. patent policy and the stance Republicans should take toward Chinese patent infringement. You can read full piece here.

Adam Mossoff, a law professor at George Mason University’s Scalia School of Law and a visiting intellectual property fellow at the Heritage Foundation agreed, telling Breitbart News that Big Tech companies have spend “hundreds of millions of dollars” in lobbying money supporting PTAB.

“The PTAB has canceled tens of thousands of patent claims through willy-nilly decisions many Americans have come to expect from many of the alphabet-soup regulatory agencies,” said Mossoff, author of a recent paper for the Heritage Foundation explaining how the administrative state has choked off innovation.

“Given the weakened U.S. patent system in which it’s become almost impossible to license or enforce a patent, Big Tech engages in a well-known practice of predatory infringement—stealing inventions because it’s now cheaper than rightfully paying to use other people’s property,” said Mossoff.

Mossoff said that the weakened state of U.S. intellectual property makes China’s job easier.

“Through its explicit domestic industrial policies, China is stealing technologies from U.S. innovators and providing stable and reliable patent protections to its own innovators,” said Mossoff.

“China seeks to dominate next-generation technologies in AI, the Internet of Things, and mobile telecommunications, such 6G. Weakened patent rights in the U.S make it easier to steal U.S. technologies, such as patents on 5G.”

Mossoff urged the House GOP to “reestablish the reliable and effective patent rights that have been a key driver of the U.S. innovation economy from the Founding Era to today,” and to “call the FTC to account for its continued attacks on American innovators in both the biomedical and high-tech sectors, holding hearings and subpoenaing records of its decision-making processes.”