Adam Mossoff on BioTech Patents

Bloomberg Law – ICLE Academic Affiliate Adam Mossoff was quoted by Bloomberg Law in a story about legislation to overhaul the patent system for biotech discoveries. You can read full piece here.

Adam Mossoff, a George Mason University law professor, said patents were the basis not just for the creation of the technology behind the vaccines but for “all of the commercial agreements that made possible the incredible response by the biopharmaceutical industry” to produce billions of doses.

…Mossoff, who testified in 2019 before Congress in hearings on redrafting patent legislation, told Bloomberg Law the existing framework “has resulted in hundreds if not thousands of patent applications” being denied at the US Patent and Trademark Office “on lifesaving drugs and other medical treatments and inventions that are receiving patents in Europe and China.”

The legislation would return to the patent system that “spurred the investments and promoted the development of the entire biotech sector in the first place,” said Mossoff, the George Mason law professor.