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tl;dr: Policy Explainers


Public policy can be complex, and we believe it is crucial to understand nuance. That’s why we spend the time and effort to fully analyze a wide array of issues affecting law and regulation. But we also recognize that long form papers are not serving the public interest if they go unread.

With that in mind, we offer “ICLE – tl;dr”. Named for the internet acronym, these short-form pieces aim to equip readers with immediate insights and an actionable understanding of high-complexity and high-salience issues from a Law & Economics perspective.

ICLE – tl;dr’s aren’t a substitute for the insights you’ll gain from our long-form work, but they’re a good place to start.

tl;dr – Consumer Welfare Standard

Returning to a pre-Consumer Welfare Standard state of the law would lead antitrust enforcement to become confused, contradictory, and ineffective at promoting competition. The CWS makes antitrust economically coherent and democratically accountable.

tl;dr – The Digital Markets Act

Background: The European Union has unveiled draft legislation that seeks to tame so-called “gatekeeper” Big Tech firms. If passed into law, this Digital Markets Act (“DMA”) would create a list…

tl;dr – Data Portability: The costs of imposed openness

Many competition agencies are considering data portability mandates to increase competition. These would require companies to make customers’ data available to move to other services, or to make their services interoperable with others so that users could share their data between different services on an ongoing basis.

tl;dr - Ending Qualified Immunity

Criminal justice reform efforts should focus on ending qualified immunity and restoring the constitutional balance between empowering officers to protect the public while also deterring violations of civil liberties.