Focus Areas:    Copyright | Fair Use | Free Trade

Dangerous Exception: The Detrimental Effects of Including Fair Use Copyright Exceptions in Free Trade Agreements

ICLE Intellectual Property Research Program White Paper 2015-1 (March 2015) View Original


In the context of ongoing negotiations of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and deliberations over trade promotion authority (TPA), some organizations have been advocating for the inclusion of fair use exceptions and limitations to copyright. This brief looks at the evidence for and against mandating the adoption of a U.S.-style fair use exception and, in particular, at the implications of requiring countries to adopt such an exception in free trade agreements. It begins with a brief exploration of the relationship between copyright, creativity and economic development. It then considers the economics of copyright and fair use, applying these to a networked global marketplace. The brief concludes with an assessment of current debates around fair use exceptions in free trade agreements and TPA.

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