The Political Dynamics of Legislative Reform: What Will Catalyze the Next Telecommunications Act of 1996?

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Returning to Agency Deference in Communications Law

Policy is not settled quickly in communications law. The 1996 Telecommunications Act required incumbent telecommunications carriers to open their networks to competitors on regulated terms. It took . . .

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Kristian Stout on Wi-Fi 6E

ICLE Director of Innovation Policy Kristian Stout joined a digital panel organized by WifiForward and the Wi-Fi Alliance on the state of the Wi-Fi 6E . . .

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Chairman Pai Symposium: Wrap-Up and Thoughts for the Future FCC

The next chair has an awfully big pair of shoes (or one oversized coffee mug) to fill. Chairman Pai established an important legacy of transparency and process improvement, as well as commitment to careful, economic analysis in the business of the agency.