Sep 19 2011
This is a past event

TOTM Symposium on Unlocking the Law: Deregulating the Legal Profession

Sep 19, 2011   09:00am ET

Truth on the Market is planning an online symposium that will take place over two days, SEPTEMBER 19 and 20, covering these issues, and building upon our successful “Free to Choose?” symposium last fall on behavioral law and economics.   The “Unlocking the Law” symposium is designed to start an intellectual dialogue on this topic, bringing together legal scholars and economists with a variety of views and perspectives on the law and economics of the legal profession, regulation, antitrust.

Some questions the Symposium will consider are:

  • Should lawyer licensing be abolished?
  • What alternative regulatory approaches or structures should be considered?
  • What would a deregulated market for legal services look like?
  • Does lawyer regulation raise issues different from those of licensing and regulating other professions?
  • Does delegating to lawyers the power to restrict the right to practice law violate the antitrust laws?
  • What are the First Amendment implications of regulating what non-lawyers can say about the law?
  • To what extent can national or global competition alone break down barriers to law practice even without deregulation?
  • What are the implications of deregulation of the profession for law schools?

It should be fun.  We hope you’ll join the discussion in the comments.

Day 1 of the Symposium (September 19, 2011) featured posts from:

Day 2 of the Symposium (September 20, 2011) featured posts from: